Marcus O'Brady

I don't need your stinkin' patronage!


Marcus is a broad-shouldered, angular and muscular man whose face, while tired and showing signs of age, still creases with mirth. Granted it’s the kind of mirth that often comes at the expense of others, but it’s difficult to avoid being charmed by the twinkle in his brown eyes. Maybe he partakes of much Toreador blood? In any case, he moves with preternatural grace and understated confidence, dressing to blend in wherever he might find himself.


Quick Facts:

  • Is an independent ghoul-for-hire. They say the Camarilla wants him dead. They also say too many cammies depend on him for this to ever come to fruition.
  • Rumors say no vampire’s blood can bond him, so he can drink from any vampire with impunity as many times as he desires.
  • Is rumored to have done work for Sybil Lancre in the past.
  • This man seems to have some very powerful allies. Too bad nobody knows who, or what, those allies might be.
  • Just how rich is this man? And why is he so damn good at getting dirt on people?

Marcus O'Brady

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