Title: None
Clan: Brujah
Age: Ancilla
Status: Clan: 0, Camarilla: 0, City(St Paul): 0

Kraven is about 6’1" tall, but built broad shouldered, and toned. It’s obvious that he’s been through some tough times. He has facial structue that would indicate breakage of bones. His nose had healed unset right. And his eyes slightly narrowed permanently from being swollen shut once too often. He dresses in a pair of blue jeans or combat pants, with heavy steeltoed boots. And usually a plain white T-shirt or tanktop on. Spookily quiet, as no one can recall hearing him speak. But his gaze and presence seems to always be menicing if not eerie to be around.

Things True

  • It makes one nervous to be around Kraven (Eerie Presence (Flaw))
  • He is a good looking, well built man (Appearance 3, Intimidation 2, Strength 4, Stamina 3)
  • Kraven is known as a bruiser

Character Sheet


Géant “Nemisis” 3
Leon “Sire” 1
MC Spinz “DJ at the club he frequents, ‘Handlebar’” 1
Stephanie Milner “Accomplis, His Shadow, Speaks for him sometimes (Ghoul)” 2
Sybil Lancre “Booker, Backs Fights.” 1
James Canton “Sometimes needs protection.” 1

On his bike
Background: The Kraven

Kyle LeBlanc was born May, 30th, 1890. He was a born and raised farmer boy, in a small village in France. Life was pretty good for the kid. He never wanted for food, clothing, books, or education. But he always had some degree of lacking. He couldn’t sit still, he couldn’t just focus on a single task. He had to get more then one thing on the go or he would quickly lose interest. This developed a minor schooling issue, where he wouldn’t want to focus on the same subject that the other’s were all learning on.

As time went on. And struggling with his schooling. He started picking up part time jobs, to help out the family. The people he hung around were less then upstanding citizens. Always in trouble, and into some kind of violent act. Just a typical gang of thugs really. His first job was at a convenance store. That lasted until someone tried to rob it at knife point, and Kyle broke his arm, blinded him, and spent a year in prison. Second was a short order cook, which lasted until he received his first customer complaint. Another assault charge and a year in prison later…Well. You get the point.

Finally, The Judge during one of his trials, Sentenced him to 3 years in the Military. Why not? He was 25 years old. Healthy, and full of piss and vinegar. The military actually seemed to help him out. A fine combination of Study, Physical Activity. And Discipline. But, it had to happen sooner or later. And in his case. 5 months before his release from his sentence was up. He had just been married, He had a son, and he was getting his life on track, Until Sergent Dubois had shown up. He just liked goading Jonathan into fits of frustration, under the guise of mental strengthening. Kyle had enough. And put the sergent in the hospital for 8 months. Which got Kyle 20 years in Millitary Prison. This prison was God awful. Violent, Disgusting, Dirty, and corrupt. Kyle tried his best to stay quiet, mind his own business, and just stay away from people.

This would have been okay, Until the warden had started a series of underground fighting. The terms were simple. You fight, You stay out of the hole. You win ten fights in a row, and you go free. No one had ever done it. Because the warden had Géant. Géant, meant ‘Giant” In english. The man stood almost 8 feet tall, and had to weigh over 500 pounds. He was unbelievably huge. When someone would get to their 8-10th fight, Géant was called in to end their streak. And Put them in the morgue if they were lucky.

Kyle was good. This was natural for him and he faught with everything he had. Finally, He made it to his tenth fight. Kyle was reved to go, and Géant was called. The fight had to have lasted for ten minutes, Finally, after both fighters were increadibly exausted. Géant had landed a crushing blow to Kyle’s windpipe. That blow should have killed him, but Kyle was too stubborn to go down. He gave a series of crushing blows to the giant’s head. Finally, David had beaten goliath, and the warden had no choice. He had to let Kyle go.

Kyle was out on the streets, His first day of freedom, when it happened. A gang of, what he thought were mobsters, threw a sack over him, and took him off. Kyle couldn’t even scream, concidering the operation to fix him after Géant, was to permanantly remove his voicebox. He could only hear the men talking, Saying the fortune he was going to bring, then he heard the helecopter. He remembered flying for about an hour. And finally landing. When the sack was removed, he was in a circle of people. Another large man there. But the one he was looking at inside the circle, was about his size. The light from the still running helecoppter, illuminating the ring.

Kyle had just spent two years of his life, fighting France’s most vile and aggressive killers. This man was nothing, and the anger built in him caused him to rage on the poor man. The people watched, some turning green, as Kyle wailed on the poor bastard. Finally throwing him, Straight into the blades of the helecoppter. The other large man nodded, and the crowd rushed him, Holding him down, while the man bit him. He could feel his blood running dry, and then…Blackness.

They spared no tradition, as Kyle awoke in a box, burried six feet underground. He had to break and claw his way out, and then, was greeted by Leon. Leon was brother to Géant. And held no remorse for what Kyle did to his kin. Infact, Leon praised Kyle for taking out a Ghoul. And a Brujah ghoul no less. Even the man he fought just last night, was another Brujah blooded Ghoul. And now. Kyle had the blood of the rebels coursing through his veins. He was given life by Leon, a seventh generation Canite. And brought with him, everywhere. On missions, On runs, And on buisness.

Leon had taught Kyle American Sign language. He said Kyle was the perfect Brujah, he was strong, He had rage, And he kept his mouth shut. As the years flew by for the new vampire. Leon had worked his way into more strenght, More power. Finally, it was time to let Leon go. It was now 1998, And the new millenium was in arms reach. Leon sent Kyle to America. Where he was hooked up with his Cousin, Stephanie Milner. Stephany was a third generation Ghoul of Leon’s family. And she took good care of Johnny. Showing him around. Teaching him the streets. Even getting him odd jobs for the Mobs. Johnny had it made.

Time went on, and now, He roams the streets on his bike. Staying in motels, and flophouses. The Brujah of the city, now hireing him to hunt down and find rogues. And that brings us to now. Being sent with a group of Kindred on an important task. They need a Bruiser. And Johnny fit the bill.

Fortunatly now, It’s the age of technology and text messaging. He uses his mobile device, to communicate with others who don’t understand sign language. And those who don’t know he’s mute. Think of him as that big guy who never talks, just watches and looks menicing. Those who know him a little more then that, know him as “The guy you don’t fuck with.”


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