James Canton

Just short of 5'8, James is a handsome man, but not overly so. He usually dresses as though he just got home from the office, wearing a button down shirt and dress slacks.


Title: None
Clan: Tremere
Age: Ancilla
Status: Clan: 1, Camarilla: 0, City(St. Paul): 0

Things True

  • Talented Occultist
  • Has connections within the Minnesota University’s archaeology department.
  • Is being pursued by a group of Hunters.


Audric Moreaux “A shrewd negotiator, and wonderful source of money when I need it.” 2
Kraven “Not all problems can be solved with money and magic. For those that can’t a bit of muscle comes in handy” 2
Fierre Bélanger “The enemy of my enemy is my ally. And what an interesting ally at that…” 1
Professor Phillips “His knowledge of archaeology has helped me with my studies.” 1
Sebastian Kirsch “My sire. I should thank him one of these nights. But not tonight.” 1

“Dangerously curious” was how his mother always described him. That wasn’t something you were supposed to be in the 40s. Certainly not about the occult. What was worse, even when he was alive, James was good at the occult. He’d manage to find ways to pull off small magical tricks. Maybe make it rain when it was just supposed to be cloudy, manage to get small glimpses of the future, or help improve his over all luck for a few days. Each trick took months to prepare, and James wanted to be able to do more. So he started asking around at libraries and book stores about occult books, and that’s when people took notice.

The first kind of people to notice were those who didn’t like James looking into things. Church goers would come to his apartment and ask him if he heard about Jesus. Sometime he’d come home to broken window or “witch” spray painted across his door. That usually made James stop searching for a month or two. But inevitably, he would come back to searching. Finally at a small book store, he asked the attendant if he knew of any works on the occult. The man said he did, but it would take some time for him to get the information he needed. He offered to send James any information he found, so James left his home address, figuring if the man was one of the people who kept breaking windows, then they already knew where he lived.

That night, James met Sebastian. He woke up to a see a handsome man staring down at him, which of course, scared James, so he tried to run. The door slammed shut in front of him. The man spoke with a slight French accent, and asked James if he really wanted to know more about the occult. James said yes. That was when James died.

He spent the next 50 some years learning the most basics of the ways of the Tremere, but Sebastien was firmly of the opinion of that which you learn yourself is much more valuable for that reason. So James continued to research and that research attracted more dangerous attention. There have been several attempts on James’ unlife, some having left James’ pretty badly hurt. He’s only managed to catch a few fleeting glimpses of his attackers, but so far nothing more has happened.

In the past ten years, James has left his sire’s haven, free to go out into the world on his own. Sebastian offered to help train James more readily now, provided James needs it. As his knowledge of the occult has grown, he’s found that certain objects hold mystical properties. For expertise on the mundane origins of those object, he’s found a few people who have knowledge of the occult and the histories. When it’s possible, he speaks with a professor of Archaeology at the University of Minnesota for his knowledge, and occasionally to buy some interesting artifacts that have been found. This is where he first met Audric. After some mutually beneficial trades, the two went into business together, claiming University of Minnesota as their domain.

James Canton

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