Ezekiel DuMont

Tall, urbane, ~*~Magical~*~


Ezekiel is tall, pale, and has hair the color of dried and coppery blood. His hands are spidery and calloused, his demeanor is incredibly refined, and his voice has a deep bassoon tenor. He dresses in terribly dated fashions and is so reclusive that he’s rarely, if ever seen – there are even rumors that he’s managed to transcend the need for blood entirely.


Quick Facts:

  • Is the sire of Sybil Lancre and occasionally gets in touch with his wayward progeny.
  • Was once a member of the Sabbat in name only, and is now hounded by various packs in the city due to his defection. The reason for his defection remains unclear.
  • Might possibly also be seeking Golconda.
  • Has agents throughout the city.
  • Often deals with the Changelings in Dinkytown.
  • Further rumors even go so far as to state that Ezekiel has been seen wandering streets…in the daylight….

Ezekiel DuMont

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