Anson Reed


Title: None
Clan: Lasombra antitribu
Age: Ancilla
Status: Clan: 0, Camarilla: 0, City(St. Paul): 0

Things True

  • Anson killed his sire.
  • His clan wants him dead.
  • Anson is known to hate bright lights.
  • He has a soft spot for Caitiff



Xesca You were my handler once, thanks. 2
Oriol I’ve know a lot about the sabbat, use it well. 1


Audric Moreaux Keeping the living space clean and I keep working 2
Sybil Lancre I saved your life once, never forget. 2
Fierre BĂ©langer You always keep my guessing. 1

The smell of gasoline and blood was thick in the air as a tall man in a sharp black suit whistled calmly gasoline can in hand as he walked across the floor of the estate. The bodies of guards and servants alike lay stretched out over the floor, looks of surprize and terror on there faces, some desperately clutching there throats. in the center of it all a man sat in held down my dozens of shadowy tendrils, his arms and legs had been removed and only a torso remained. He was clearly of spanish descent as he managed to only stare at his childe as he doused him in gasoline as well, he managed to gasp “This won’t end your suffering, the clan will hunt you to the ends of the earth, the black courts won’t stand for this.” his child simply smiled, he was a handsome enough young man, his hair was short and businesslike.
noticable now was a lighter in his hands primed and ready for action as the childe took a knee “They’ll stand for whatever I give them, Im done with you old man. Your sick games end tonight, the city you’ve spent so long will soon belong to your hated enemy. your servants and playthings lie dead at your feet, killed by your successor…and now your better.” he spat in his sires face as he stood back up and continued spreading out the gasoline as his sire sputtered for a moment in anger, his beast coming to the fore as he hissed and tried to break his restraints “All I did was make you strong childe, able to carry the burdens of the dead. When I met you, you were just a middle management lackey. I saw greatness in your step others missed, how you were like a spider among the flies, twisting them in your webs, controlling them and being in charge without the title. You just lacked the cutt throat attitude to take it. and I gave you that!” he said his eyes filled with rage “I was grooming you for true power in the sabbat. and you threw it all away for what? another of my servants that you loved? If you truly loved her you wouldn’t have slit her throat to save your own life!” the childe clenched a fist at that as a shadow reached into the elders mouth and yanked out his tongue, elliciting the painful growing of a monster held in chains.
“Yes…I am stronger thanks to you. this world is unkind, and brutal, and only those willing to take what they want will survive. So I’ve broken everything you hold dear, and now I will take your life for mine.” he would take a deep breath, savoring the moment as he walked away from his bloody and broken sire, leaving a trail of gasoline behind him as he walked around the chandelier he had collapsed on some of his sires staff and out the front door. he flicked the lighting open and unleashed the flame, dropping it into the last puddle of flames as it sprang to life, shooting inside of the house and he was rewarded with the comforting sounds of his sires agonizing screams as he walked off, pulling out his phone.
It had been a simple luck really, he had run into a setite selling blood for such a cheap price…it had make Anson suspicious. So he cornered the snake and broke him, finding out just enough to realize he was the precursor for a siege. just the chance he needed to finally end his sires life and free himself from the hellish existance. Sure it ment jumping ship to the camarilla and perhaps being prey to the antidulivians someday. But it was his chance. He managed to make contact with one of the setites business contacts, and was willing to sell out his sires resources and connections in exchange for immunity and membership in there organization. Anson wasn’t quite the player they’d been hoping for, but he traveled with his sires authority, which when invoked provided much information they needed. His handler was a hired assassin named Xesca, so if he was caught he couldn’t give away to much. they got along well enough as two people motivated by money and the want for freedom could gain
So the traps were laid, and the siege began, and Anson set up a entire pack to fall to his enemies, and his sire into a trap that cause him to retreat to his haven gravely injured, were his waiting childe dropped the hammer. He had grown powerful under his sire, the relentless beatings and months locked up in a room of pure darkness had paid off, unfortunately for his sire who he beat in a shadow duel. Its hard to say if he would have won if his sire was in his full capabilities, but no one would know now.
Since the battle he was hailed as a hero and then promptly shoved off the podium. No one wanted to take credit for the lasombra now floating in there midst as Anson decided to get away from the one city that his enemies new were he was. the court of the night was still howling for his blood, but for now he was free as he arrived in the Twin city and introduced himself privately to the princes, he’s been slowing working into his web. the fact that his sires and his own methods were very similar wasn’t lost on the childe, but he was the master now. He had also made a ally in Xesca during there time during the siege, as well as oriel. he had heard of Anson’s exploits and decided having someone who could spot a siege and knew the tactics of the enemies would be a welcome source.
Currently bereft of close allies Josh knows he plays the game on razors edge, he made a lot of enemies quickly, having lost access to much of his resources and influence and being in a new city he’s a sitting duck. and while he knows he could win a fight…at the wrong time he could be vulnerable so he seeks allies were he can find them.

Anson Reed

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