Audric Moreaux


Title: None
Clan: Ventrue
Age: Ancilla
Status: Status(St. Paul) 1, Status(Minneapolis) 1, Status(Ventrue) 1

Things True

  • He seems to have some influence in Kine politics throughout the Twin Cities
  • He is known throughout the Twin Cities as a neutral third party mediator.
  • He is an extremely wealthy, persuasive and at times an utterly tenacious businessman.


Anson Reed “I gave you asylum…now you work for me occasionally” 2
Sybil Lancre “I have used my Contacts and Allies to assist this one” 1
James Canton “A true expert in the Occult, I go to you when I need your expertise.” 2
Fierre BĂ©langer(Claire) “Poor Girl…has no place to go…I can fix that.” 1
Reginald Lancaster “Your methods are appalling and draconian.” 2
Oriol “It is a shame that you do not control the Twin Cities as a whole.” 1
Kostya “You are reasonable, that is more than what I can say for others.” 1

Audric Moreaux

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