The Punic Wars

You want to know about the twin cities?

If you want to understand the way things are now, then you have to touch up on your history. But if you did that, you wouldn’t be coming to me for this information, would you? Here’s the short version. If you want details, that’s going to cost you.

During the Second Brujah War between Rome and Carthage, two prestigious names rose to glory within their respective lands. Gallus of Umbria quickly climbed through the ranks of the Roman Empire, gaining the attention of a Ventrue of prestigious blood. He would be embraced shortly thereafter.

In the ranks of the Carthage mercenaries, arose the young and brave soldier Oriol, who quickly rose to the highest rank of the mercenary units fighting for Carthage. His quick wits and inspirational tactics created many complications in Rome’s conquest of Carthage. The Brujah of Carthage took a quick interest to Oriol, and it wasn’t long after that he was embraced. He too was embraced from a prestigious bloodline, though his blood was not as pure as that of Gallus.
Near the end of the Ventrue conquest of Carthage, Gallus and Oriol would duel for the first and last time. Though Oriol was stronger, he had come from two nights of fighting without rest. The historians argue how things might have been different if they were both rested, but that doesn’t change what did happen.

Gallus defeated Oriol, but did not serve a sentence of Final Death. Instead, he took the warrior as a hostage in hope of a strong ransom for his clan, should they need it. But the Ventrue did not need a ransom, and the Brujah would not pay one. Oriol was a proud warrior who was bested in honourable combat, and following the old ways of the clan, chose to serve his role justly as a hostage of Gallus.

The Tudor Dynasty

I said I’d give you the short story, so I’m going to skip forward here. This is more like the shorter version of a long story… Pay attention, the question you asked is about to be answered.
Anyways, skip forward to England during the rule of King Henry the 8th. During the Dark Ages, Gallus and Oriol had moved from untrusting adversaries held by noble accountancy to old friends. Gallus had lost a great deal of prestige after the fall of Rome, but found it once more in England as the Baron of Lincoln.

Oriol was raised to the position of advisor. What came next was Gallus’ first embrace, a nobleman of the royal bloodline of Lancaster by the name of Reginald Lancaster. Reginald was sure to die of an illness before he was embraced by Gallus. Reginald would remain in the shadows for the rest of the Tudors Dynasty so that he would not be recognized.

Modern War of the Roses

That leads us to the Modern War of the Roses, in 1999. Gallus walked away from his role as Prince of the Twin Cities. To his progeny Reginald, he sent the Red Rose of House Lancaster and the keys to the Elysium in Minneapolis. To his progeny Oriol, he sent the White Rose of House York and the keys to Elyisium in St. Paul. Both students of Gallus acted quickly to assert their claim within the Twin Cities. They say the ambitious and strict Prince Reginald was always jealous of the bond Oriol had with his sire, and moved to ready for all out war.

Oriol, having served Gallus for centuries, felt that he was finally set free and had no intention of letting Reginald claim the Twin Cities. A Brujah labelled a traitor by his own clan, and insignificant by the clan hosted him for centuries, had few allegiances to call upon, save for those already in positions of authority within the city. Oriol established old ties with the anarch movement and used the bolster of forces to fight Reginald. The war lasted six months before a message was served from thee Camarilla demanding that the civil war end in the twin cities. Neither Reginald or Oriol wished to face the wrath of the Justicars, and so they settled peace with a third party mediator.

Very few of us know how the mediator was chosen, but the results are known by all. Oriol and his council met with Reginald and his council in the district of Dinkytown; a small district on the outskirts of Minneapolis that has been known as changeling territory for over a century. They say that O’Bannon drew up a contract created with glamour, and after many nights of meeting, both Princes signed.

The detailed contract is held by the Princes themselves and O’Bannon, but everyone who’s spent some time in the Twin Cities knows that there are dire consequences to open hostility between the movers and shakers within the cities. Since the contract was signed, all kindred with domains in the boundaries of Dinkytown have disappeared. The Princes warn any kindred wishing to enter the boundaries of Dinkytown should do so carefully and leave before sunrise. And the changelings that stay in Dinkytown are never seen in the Twin Cities.

So there you have it, two Princes wanting nothing more than to tear the other down, held from doing so by a contract, and separated by a little fucking district called Dinkytown.

Twin City Nights

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